1 to 1.25" approximately.

C cyaneopubesscens is also known by the common name Green Bottle Blue or GBB for short. This is a medium growing New World species. They are typically docile but will kick urticating hairs when they are upset or stressed. As slings and juveniles they have a tiger striped pattern to the abdomen. This is a South American species of tarantula that come from Venezuela.


GBB likes a dry environment with a water bowl. They are heavy webbers and a terrestrial species. They like 60% humidity and temperatures between 78-82 degrees.


Life Span:

Females can live up to 14 yrs

Males live significantly shorter life spans.


Adult Size 4-5"


Photo Credit: Russ Crowe

Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens - GBB - green bottle blue

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