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Our love for tarantulas started with our first spider we found on Craigslist. She is a Brachypelma Hamorii that we named Maria. Having a tarantula collection is very addicting. We went from just one large tarantula to now owning hundreds of them. Old Worlds, New Worlds, Arboreal, Terrestrial. There is a lot of variety in our collection.

We are still learning every single day. Things are always changing in the tarantula world. We are family owned and operated. We attend a lot of the local Repticon Expos here in Florida and have even been a vendor at the National Reptile Breeders Expo in Daytona. We have grown in such a short period of time from just having 1 table to now having 4 tables as often as we can. We pride ourselves in bringing the public a large variety of tarantulas to choose from at the expos. Our goal is to make sure there are tarantulas available to go along with all the Ball Pythons, Geckos and Monitors found at the expos. 





We also produce hedgehogs on a small scale as well as Ball Pythons. We have taken some time off from the ball python projects to allow our breeders some time off. We will be firing up the incubator again soon enough. Some of our ball pythons we had purchased as hatchlings and they are now well over 20 years old. We remember when mojave and lessers were over $1000 and our first pair of pied hatchlings had cost $7500.  We have kept and bred Ball Pythons for over 20 years now and still currently have some of our original snakes that are over 23 years old still in our collection.

Come on out to the next expo and say hi. Come and mingle with us and ask all the questions you need to have answered. See you at the show!!!

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